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Red Bud IL’s source for electric furnace repair and service!

Red Bud, a small town in the Metro East, is subject to frigid winters and hot, humid Midwestern summers. With a population of around 3,000, people Red Bud need access to fast, quality cooling and heating services to keep up with the weather in this area of the country.  Luckily, Randy’s Heating and Cooling is in the area with a wide range of products and services, as well as 24/7 emergency to make sure that Red Bud stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Call today for your free estimate!

Air Conditioning Unit Installation and Repair in Red Bud IL

The same way Red Bud IL gets cold during the winter, it can get too hot during the summer. And not just hot, but humid as well. The conditions can make going outside, even just to get the mail, the last thing anyone wants to do; knowing that, with the least amount of movement, we can be soaked in sweat in seconds. Randy’s Heating and Cooling will keep your home cool during the summer; giving you a sanctuary to get out of the sun, cool down, and dry off. With a broken air conditioning unit, homes can quickly reach 100 degrees inside. Avoid this problem and call us for the HVAC service you need; we service all brands and are an authorized Trane dealer.

HVAC Service experts for Red Bud IL

Whether you’re too hot or too cold, our technicians have the skills to provide better temperature control at your home or business. We provide HVAC service, installation, and repair of any systems such as an electric furnace, gas furnace, heat pump, or boiler. Older heating systems can also break at the worst possible moment. Don’t forget about your air conditioning unit, either. Randy’s techs are experts in all types of systems and can provide any repairs that you need.

Electric Furnace Repair Specialists in Red Bud IL

During the winter months in Red Bud, temperatures many times drop below freezing. This makes the repair of broken heating systems important. However, there isn’t just one type of heater. An electric furnace is an old invention having been first invented in 1885, so it’s important to have the experts at Randy’s Heating and Cooling take care of all your furnace service needs. Whether it’s an old unit that relies on the warm air to rise into the duct work or a new system that uses a fan to circulate the air; Randy’s fixes all heating systems.

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